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IFRTD - International Forum for Rural Transport and Development

The International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD) is a global network of individuals and organisations interested in rural transport issues in developing countries.

The network vision is "improved accessibility and mobility for poor communities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America".

Our mission is to "facilitate and promote the successful application of improved policies, planning frameworks, financing mechanisms and technologies."

We aim to achieve our mission by strengthening and supporting networking, identifying priority issues for change, and pursuing a programme of advocacy work to influence donors, policy makers and practitioners. We seek to fill gaps in knowledge by promoting and disseminating research in a way that enhances networking, generates awareness of issues and advocates for appropriate changes and resource mobilisation. The IFRTD is committed to ensuring that the interests of developing countries are represented in the global rural transport agenda, and that the interventions of it's members both support and are informed by these interests.

Members of the IFRTD network include representatives from governments, academia, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies, consultancies, technical institutions, national and international NGOs and community organisations. Membership of the IFRTD is open to all who share its vision, objectives, values and principles. IFRTD strives to provide all members with equal opportunities to particpate in the activities of the network. It encourages members to take ownership of the network and participate in decision-making processes. Please click here to find out more about joining the IFRTD.