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Upcoming Events
26.06.2017 - Spiez, Switzerland
AGUASAN Workshop 2017

Skat Foundation
Vadianstrasse 42
CH-9000 St. Gallen

Phone +41 71 228 54 54
Fax     +41 71 228 54 55


Skat Foundation Annual Report 2015

sf-report_2015.pdf sf-report_2015.pdf 1952 Kb 16.06.2016

Skat Foundation Annual Report 2014

sf-report_2014.pdf sf-report_2014.pdf 3574 Kb 16.06.2015

Skat Foundation Annual Report 2013

sf-report_2013.pdf sf-report_2013.pdf 3001 Kb 27.11.2014

Skat Foundation Annual Report 2012

sf-report_2012.pdf sf-report_2012.pdf 1152 Kb 03.06.2013

Skat Foundation Annual Report 2011

sf-report_2011.pdf sf-report_2011.pdf 1331 Kb 23.05.2012

Skat Foundation Annual Report 2010

sf-report_2010.pdf sf-report_2010.pdf 1336 Kb 15.08.2011

Skat Foundation Annual Report 2009

sf-report_2009.pdf sf-report_2009.pdf 885 Kb 07.06.2010

Skat Foundation Flyer

sf-flyer_2009.pdf sf-flyer_2009.pdf 477 Kb 10.12.2009