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Uganda Country Status Overview (CSO) 2010

Skat was mandated to assess the performance of Uganda in delivering the Water Supply and Sanitation MDGs based on benchmarking of sub-sector service delivery pathways, past spending and future needs versus commitments. Uganda is one of 30 countries being analysed as part of the Country Status Overviews.

The study utilised the Country Status Overview (CSO) methodology to examine the flow of Government and Donor investment into Water Supply and Sanitation service delivery. It undertook an analysis of the bottlenecks along the service delivery pathway by examining policies and planning, budgets and expenditure, outputs and use of improved infrastructure as well as behaviour change.

The final reports thus provide a comprehensive overview of the range of service delivery approaches taken in Uganda which can thus be used as a basis for in-country improvements as well as to make regional comparisons on the trends in sector outcomes. The assignment included participation in country sector dialogue that reaches consensus on key problems and practical solutions based on both country and regional learning.

The outputs of the work comprise a detailed country status overview report and summary report for Uganda; finalised scorecard which maps out the chain from funding through to service delivery and a comprehensive costing and service delivery analysis which includes Government and Donor funds for the previous three and subsequent three years. 


Uganda & Switzerland
2009 - 2010
Funded by:

WSP, World Bank