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Backstopping Services RWSSP IV

The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Support Program (RWSSP) contributes towards improving the health and well-being of communities through sustainable water and sanitation services in line with Kosovo's national sector strategies and legislation.

The RWSSP commenced its activities in 2005. The undertaking has been co-financed by SDC with the targeted municipalities and villages. The first three project phases of the RWSSP operated from July 2005 to December 2010 with a total Swiss investment of CHF 5’010’000. The geographical scope of the interventions comprised around forty villages belonging to seven municipalities of south-eastern Kosovo as well as one municipal capital. Around 100’000 people in rural areas gained newly access to safe drinking water and sanitation thanks to these interventions. Next to continuing the support in raising coverage, Phase IV addresses the strong needs identified for software assistance in the areas of integrating the rural water schemes into the RWC’s business, of improving revenue collection of the water utilities and of strengthening the capacity of policy making institutions for achieving long-lasting improvement of the water sector as a whole.

RWSSP's aims are:

  • 50’000 people have newly access to clean and safe drinking water and/or sanitation facilities, and their awareness on health and rational water usage being increased; 
  • Relevant stakeholders are able to manage rural water systems and to advocate for better services and sustainability of operation and maintenance of the systems in rural areas;
  • Regional Water Companies have improved their management processes which lead towards their financial sustainability by increased revenue collection, decreased water losses  and reduced costs; and
  • Relevant stakeholders at national level are able to implement policies and strategies related to the water sector.
Overall Goal:

Improve the health and well-being of communities through sustainable water and sanitation services in line with Kosovo's national sector strategies and legislation.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Increase access of water and sanitation in rural areas;
  2. Enhance capacities for sustainable operation and maintenance of rural water systems;
  3. Improve the financial sustainability of Regional Water Companies;
  4. Strengthen capacities of policy making institutions at the national level, mainly in the area of water services.

Skat Consulting Ltd. provides backstopping services, which are set-up to provide technical / methodological assistance and capacity building to the local implementing partners, to ensure an adequate steering of the Programme components and to provide SDC with the respective consolidated monitoring data and reports for the overall steering of the Programme. More specifically, the backstoppers:

  • Provide capacity building and technical assistance including knowledge transfer of experiences and best practices from the Western Balkans region and other countries.
  • Support the elaboration of the ToRs for the short term experts mandates.
  • Steer the design and the definition of the concrete intervention strategies and instruments for implementation.
  • Provide methodological support on how to mainstream gender equity and good governance in the activities.
  • Ensure an adequate steering of the local implementing partners during implementation of interventions.
  • Monitor the implementation progress and realization.
  • Ensure that knowledge management and capitalization activities take place.
  • Support the establishment of a fruitful cooperation between local implementing partners and other actors involved in the water sector by enhancing the creation of a relevant framework of cooperation.
  • Participate in major events (such as workshops) that take place within the framework of the RWSSP.
  • Organize 2-3 study tours in the Western Balkans region for relevant stakeholders involved in the RWSSP.
  • Provide advice to the local implementing partners and SDC on corrective actions, if needed.
  • Support SDC in the management of the program as well as in deciding on strategic and operational matters.
  • Ensure that all relevant information gathered by the local consultants and the backstopper itself are channelled towards SDC, and provide SDC with consolidated monitoring data and reports covering all program components.
  • Participate actively in the planning activities (elaboration of planning platform, participation in planning workshop, preparation of project document) of the RWSSP Phase V.


2011 - 2013
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Holinger Ltd.